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There Are Often Two Buyers

Sometimes it's commercially smart to think of your audience and your buyer as two separate people.

Being in Charge

When you run your own practice, you are in charge.

Being Commercially Smart

Your Unique Genius

The world needs to know what you have learned, what you have experienced, and what the world looks...

Nice Cluster!

Selling things that are necessary, nice, and indulgent!

Your Three Jobs

Our curriculum teaches that a thought leader has three jobs: to think, to sell, and to share what...

Cash and Conviction

Cash and conviction are the outcomes of any good sales conversation. We all need cash and we all...

It's Never Really About the Money

What drives you to do what you do?

Selling You is Different

There are lots of ways to do business. We teach two clear ways that a thought leader can be...

Know Your Worth, Be of Service, Get Paid

Commercial conviction removes the need to be convincing.Historically, selling has been presented as...

Discounting Days

We teach thought leaders to be commercially smart with their practices. Discounting then becomes...


I don't love the use of guarantees when it comes to a Thought Leaders practice. If I were a...