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Being in Charge

When you run your own practice, you are in charge.

The Lazy Chat

Don't use CHAT GPT for your newsletters and blogs.

Family Tree of IP

Having a lot of IP is a blessing and a curse.

Your Three Jobs

Our curriculum teaches that a thought leader has three jobs: to think, to sell, and to share what...

Wisdom on Holding Thoughts Lightly

Buddha said that with our thoughts, we create the world. My teachers say that he was addressing the...


Ideas are nothing until they are captured and shared. Until they are explored and explained.

The Source of Insights

Here are the twelve questions that may help you deepen your insights into any idea.

Collecting Problems

We need to be delighted with the fact that the world has an immeasurable number of problems to...

Reviewing & Reflection

It has been a big year - a year for me loaded with lessons and opportunities to do things...

Contributors & Contaminators

Being at your best is often a result of the people that you spend time with. Spending three days at...

Valuable Thinking

Solving problems and creating solutions is valuable work. Understanding your value is an incredibly...

My Opinion on Opinions

The key is to realise that having an opinion is a key way we manage our path through the world....