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Being in Charge

When you run your own practice, you are in charge.

Your Three Jobs

Our curriculum teaches that a thought leader has three jobs: to think, to sell, and to share what...

How to Write a Book

Spending time deciding and designing the outcome is never wasted time.

Found and Phoned

Who have you found and who have you phoned?


Thought Leadership is thinking in action.


Passion creates energy and effort becomes a by-product of that energy.

React and Respond

Two of my favourite things are thinking and action.

The Book You Wish You Had Written

As thought leaders running commercially successful practices, I thought we might talk this week...


This week, I had the biggest and best delivery of my life!

Creating Solutions

In a world full of problems, there has never been a better time to be a solution creator! Solutions...

Pressure to Perform

Change your relationship to the pressure, don't let pressure change your life. No time to read...

Thinking, Working, and Hustling

I have always loved self improvement. I am lucky I was born positive, so I Iook at improvement as...