Lisa O'Neill - CEO

Lisa O’Neill is obsessed with people leading big lives. People living on purpose, living lives they love. A vibrant queen of chaos - Lisa enjoys stuffing her life full of experiences. Dividing her time between her role as CEO of Thought Leaders, running her own speaking and leadership training practice and her four children. Lisa is a straight talker with refreshing wisdom and infectious laughter. An author of five books, Lisa has the rare ability to deliver powerful messages absorbed in humour.

React and Respond

Two of my favourite things are thinking and action.


This week, I had the biggest and best delivery of my life!


Ideas are nothing until they are captured and shared. Until they are explored and explained.

Income and Impact


There is a lot of shame around the subject of money. People are very weird about talking about...


Giving out what you want is the most simple rule in the law of attraction.

Cash and Conviction

Cash and conviction are the outcomes of any good sales conversation. We all need cash and we all...

Having a Vision

You have no idea what you are capable of. No idea of what is possible for you!

Reviewing & Reflection

It has been a big year - a year for me loaded with lessons and opportunities to do things...

Winning & Learning

I love the idea of winning or learning. If they are your only options then failing doesn’t exist.


If you are a thought leader, I think one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to...