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How to Be a Thought Leader

There are 18 words you need at the front of your mind when you are a thought leader.

Empathy Trumps Expertise

What you know matters a lot; connecting to others so that they value it matters more.

Your Unique Genius

The world needs to know what you have learned, what you have experienced, and what the world looks...


Making yourself a priority is important if you want to make an impact. Giving yourself space is one...

Grow Your Practice

The Four Hidden Roles of Thought Leaders

No matter how your expertise turns up, it's worth stepping into these four foundational roles.

On Boundaries

"It is said that in order not to break our vow of compassion we have to learn when to stop...

Hard or Gentle

Go hard when you wish and gentle when it feels right. Too much of one or the other and you lose...

Winning & Learning

I love the idea of winning or learning. If they are your only options then failing doesn’t exist.

Your Top Line Menu

An exercise you might find useful is to think through your practice through a website top menu...

Shoe Shifting

I think that being compassionate is one of the most wonderful abilities we have as humans. Never...

When Your Practice Feels Like Work

The distinction we make between a job, a business and a practice is central to the labour of love,...