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How to Be a Thought Leader

There are 18 words you need at the front of your mind when you are a thought leader.

Your Unique Genius

The world needs to know what you have learned, what you have experienced, and what the world looks...

Do You Have an Open House?

What's your 'open house' strategy?

Being Self-employed

Imagine a world where everyone did work that they love. Work that lit them up. A world where people...

Grow Your Practice

Six Things We All Need To Do In 2023

Six things that I think we all need to do in 2023.

Creating Your Next 12 Months

I love this time of year. It’s the time that I take to get a head start on the New Year. I like to...

Being Thorough

What would it take for you to be thorough?

Up and Out, Down and In

We have to be both 'up and out' at times and then 'down and in the work' at other times.

The Third Choice

We always have more choices than we first thought.

Life by Design

Here are some questions and thoughts to help you live an intentional life and run a practice by...

Being Brave

As an ‘action addict,’ I am allergic to procrastination. One of my life philosophies is that there...