Lisa O'Neill - CEO

Lisa O’Neill is obsessed with people leading big lives. People living on purpose, living lives they love. A vibrant queen of chaos - Lisa enjoys stuffing her life full of experiences. Dividing her time between her role as CEO of Thought Leaders, running her own speaking and leadership training practice and her four children. Lisa is a straight talker with refreshing wisdom and infectious laughter. An author of five books, Lisa has the rare ability to deliver powerful messages absorbed in humour.

How to Be a Thought Leader

There are 18 words you need at the front of your mind when you are a thought leader.

Being in Charge

When you run your own practice, you are in charge.

Being Commercially Smart


Making yourself a priority is important if you want to make an impact. Giving yourself space is one...

Family Tree of IP

Having a lot of IP is a blessing and a curse.

Nice Cluster!

Selling things that are necessary, nice, and indulgent!

Being Self-employed

Imagine a world where everyone did work that they love. Work that lit them up. A world where people...

International Women’s Day

It is International Women’s Day today.

Six Things We All Need To Do In 2023

Six things that I think we all need to do in 2023.

How to Write a Book

Spending time deciding and designing the outcome is never wasted time.

Why You Should Write a Book

What has stopped you or is stopping you from writing your first or next book?

Creating Your Next 12 Months

I love this time of year. It’s the time that I take to get a head start on the New Year. I like to...