Matt Church - Founder

Matt Church is the founder and creator of Thought Leaders. In 1997 on a work trip to Hong Kong Matt had a vision for what has now become the Global Thought Leaders movement. Matt is an author of many leadership books all working on the premise that when you choose leadership and identify as such you contribute to making the world a better place. Matt continues to teach and support leaders across all domains of influence to capture, package and deliver what they know in service to others.

There Are Often Two Buyers

Sometimes it's commercially smart to think of your audience and your buyer as two separate people.

The Three Fundamentals

If you get this newsletter, you are interested in being a thought leader and sharing your ideas...

Meaning and Money Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Putting purpose and meaning around what you do, you can also make money.

Empathy Trumps Expertise

What you know matters a lot; connecting to others so that they value it matters more.

Positioning Bias

When you build a practice with positioning as your highest impact activity, you develop a different...

Your Unique Genius

The world needs to know what you have learned, what you have experienced, and what the world looks...

The Lazy Chat

Don't use CHAT GPT for your newsletters and blogs.

Do You Have an Open House?

What's your 'open house' strategy?

Limiting Stories

So much of the time, the thing that's stopping a thought leader's success is the stories they tell...

Grow Your Practice

What Annoyance Teaches You

What might your next annoyance gift you?

Your Three Jobs

Our curriculum teaches that a thought leader has three jobs: to think, to sell, and to share what...